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Cleaning Services
Sports Club Cleaning Services

Sports Club Cleaning Services

Sanitation is a very important part of Sports, therefore we are able to offer deep cleaning services for sports halls, locker rooms and showers.

Well, they say and it’s widely accepted that that perfect gym body takes “blood, sweat and tears” to achieve. What isn’t accepted is a dirty and unhygienic training area. Therefore, the cleaning of this environment is hugely important with any neglect resulting in the potential loss of clients. Whilst we can’t help your clients achieve that perfect gym body, we can help you by making their training environment a clean and sanitised place.

  • Our pressure wash cleaning system is especially effective in locker rooms and showers, leaving surfaces deep-cleaned and sanitized every time. Click here for more info.

We can provide sports club and gym cleaning in Frome, Bath, Westbury, Warminster, Trowbridge, Bradford-on-Avon, Devizes, Wells, Shepton Mallet, Radstock and the surrounding area.

Gym floor or rubber mat cleaning

All those “blood sweat and tears” can take it’s toll on your floor over time. Regular mopping will help keep on top of it but rarely gets rid of enough, hence over time your nice clean expensive matting or flooring starts to look dull and patchy. By power scrubbing the floor you are getting much more of it up and away from the floor. The 3 main advantages over mopping are:


  • The use of constantly clean cleaning solution – mopping recycles the water until you throw it away.
  •  The brush pressure of the counter rotating brushes is unrivaled by hand.
  •  The machine vacuums up the dirty water into a separate tank leaving the floor almost completely dry.