No-Touch Cleaning® System
Sports Club Cleaning Services

KaiVac – No-Touch Cleaning® System

Sanitation is a very important part of Sports, we use an effective deep cleaning method which is said to remove 6000% more bacterial contamination than mopping.

Toilet / Showers/ Changing room / Locker room / Gym cleaning

Regardless of facility type, dirty, foul restrooms are a major problem. Customers leave them, visitors fear them, students avoid them and employees hate them – for very good reasons. They’re not only offensive, but they’re unhealthy and unsafe too. Worse, restroom contaminants often make their way throughout the building.

Unfortunately, most public and commercial restroom cleaning is still centred around mops, and that’s the problem. Mops are perfect for painting floors with soils and contaminants, but they’re horribly ineffective at removing them. They’re also painfully slow.

A number of attempts have been made over the years to improve mopping for restroom cleaning, like double buckets, filtering mechanisms, and so on. But they don’t really solve the problem. Even microfiber, while it may enable some process improvements, makes a better spreader than remover.

Remove the Soil, Remove the Problem

The only way to truly address the problem is to physically remove the soil from the surface. Period. That’s why Kaivac’s patented science-based cleaning technologies are designed from the start for rapid, complete soil removal. In fact, they’re scientifically proven to be 30-60 times more effective at reducing bacterial contamination than other methods.

Disease Prevention

 The best way to deal with disease is not to treat it but to prevent it, and some strategies are rather simple. For example, experts agree that good personal hygiene is vital to preventing the spread of disease. Another critical component is hygienic cleaning of environmental surfaces, especially those that come into direct contact with skin. In fact, the more we understand about disease and how it is transferred, the more clear the importance of cleaning becomes. That’s why so many environmental scientists consider it the first line of defence against infectious disease.