Welcome to the staff information page

Here is an area of the website for staff. It included links to request holiday, request stock or equipment, full health & safety information


We use SmartTask as a remote workforce management tool. All staff must log in & out.

People’s memory can be a funny thing! Sometimes even the things we do everyday can just slip our memory, here you will find the logging in and out instructions.

Request holiday

If you would like to request holiday, please complete this online form.


If you are unwell or injured you must follow the sickness preocedure. You must report your sickness by phone.

Health & Safety

This will take you to the password protected H&S policy.

Online application form

If you know someone that would like to apply, please send them this link

Health & Safety

It is vital that we all comply with the relevant requirements for all aspects of Health & Safety. Here you can find our full Health & Safety file

Online training

This will link to online training guide and/or videos in the future

An area earmarked for future personal development and training guides.